About Us

50% of Homeless Kansans Live in a Rural County


I tripped, I stumbled, I fell

I reached out my hand to the Lord

He picked me up & He brushed me off

And He held me close to His heart

I looked up at Him with tears in my eyes

And a quiver on my lips

And He said to me, child don’t be afraid

For I am the Savior of all.

Now I walk by His side, holding His hand

Looking so proud & feeling so grand

For I fear no evil with God by my side

I walk with Him now, day & night

7/12/2011      Daniel Dieudonne

Our Story

Home, Sweet, Home ~ Homeless Ministry is a Limited Liability Company under the 301(c)(3) of the Independence First Christian Church.  (HSH, LLC has no debt.)  With full occupancy (eight men), the weekly budget is around $400/week or $22,000/year.  Currently, partial funding is provided by an ESG (Emergency Shelter Grant*).  With future government funding sources uncertain, we are attempting to make HSH self-sustaining through community support.

The men’s shelter at Home, Sweet, Home is named after Alan Runyan, a homeless man who resided briefly in Independence a few years ago.  Alan awakened the hearts of the First Christian Church to understanding the plight of the homeless and to begin a ministry to them, which eventually led to our men’s shelter on Laurel Street.

HSH ministry has an advisory committee which consists of community and church representatives.  A director was appointed who provides organic facility focus and arranges admission and behavioral compliance.  The committee meets monthly (1st Thursday) and reviews director’s report, budget and expense report.

* What ESG does/how it works http://www.kshousingcorp.org/


Christopher Mitchell, Director

Advisory Board


John Penrose, President

Jürgen Hanke, Vice President

Carol Henson, Secretary

Renita Butler, Treasurer

Melissa & Debbie, Financial Secretary Team


Ned Stichman, Bill Henson, Debbie Malone, Annrene Brau, Melinda Miller, Melissa Summer